Hope never
to covet
the neighbors’ house
with the fragrant
   from which a family
has been
         driven by your soldiers;
mother, father,
the toddler and
the dog
now homeless:
huddled, holding on
to each other,
and friendless
beneath you
in the street:
sitting on
as if on the sofas
that you have decided
to clean, recover and
Hope never
to say yes
to their misery.
Hope never to gaze
down into their faces
from what used to be
their rooftop.
Hope never to believe
this robbery
will make you a better
citizen of your new
as you unfurl and wave
its recent
that has been given
to assure you
of this impossibility.

This poem was contributed to Miko Peled’s book, “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine” (Charlottesville, Va.: Just World Books, 2012.) It can only be republished by Ms. Walker’s permission. More details about the book can be found at www.justworldbooks.com. Copies can be purchased there or from AMEU.

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