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U. S. Aid to Israel: The Subject No One Mentions

Issue: 1997, Volume 30, Issue 4
Subject: Politics|U.S. Aid
Author: Curtiss, Richard
Issue Description: The United States has leverage over Israel— annual grants and loans in the billions of dollars— if it ever chooses to exercise it. In addition to the familiar figure of $3 billion or so that is handed over every year to Israel, the true cost to the American taxpayer is far more. From 1949 through October, 1997, benefits to Israel from U.S. aid totaled nearly $85-billion, including grants, loans, “non-foreign aid,”and interest Israel accrued by receiving its foreign aid as a lump sum early in the fiscal year
(rather than quarterly as is the case with all other foreign aid recipients). It cost American taxpayers $50-billion in interest costs to provide that aid. In that time period, Israelis received nearly $15,000 per citizen from the U.S. alone, and more than $20,000 when German assistance is included.
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