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Politics Not As Usual

Issue: 1998, Volume 31, Issue 3
Subject: Human Rights|Land and Homes|Media|Politics
Author: Driver, Rod
Issue Description: Rod Driver is running for the United States Congress from Rhode Island’s second district. No stranger to politics— he was elected four times to Rhode Island’s state legislature— Driver is now doing something no other candidate for federal office has ever done. He’s telling his constituents how their tax dollars are being used to dispossess and torture Palestinians. And he’s doing it by showing on television graphic film of Palestinian parents and their children being dragged kicking and screaming from their home as a bulldozer moves in to turn it all to rubble. (Channel 12 in Rhode Island prefaces Driver’s TV ad with the disclaimer: “The following political advertisement contains scenes which may be disturbing to children. Viewer discretion is advised.”) Why, at 65, spend thousands of your own dollars on behalf of Palestinians? That’s what we asked Professor Driver to explain in this issue.
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