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Confronting the Bible's Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

Issue: 2000, Volume 33, Issue 5
Subject: Christianity|History|Holy Land|Theology
Author: Prior, Michael C. M.
Issue Description: Is Yahweh the Great Ethnic-Cleanser?  Did He not instruct the Israelites to rid their Promised Land of its indigenous people?  Few biblical scholars want to wrestle with these questions.  Rev. Michael Prior needs to wrestle with them.  He's been to today's Holy Land and has seen today's variation on biblically sanctioned genocide.  Dr. Prior is Professor of Biblical Sudies in the University of Surrey, England, and visiting professor in Bethlehem University, Palestine.  He is a biblical scholar and author of "Zionism and the State of Israel:  A Moral Inquiry" and "The Bible and Colonialism:  A Moral Critique."
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