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The Shi'i Muslims of the Arab World

Issue: 1988, Volume 21, Issue 5
Subject: Iran|Islam/Muslims
Author: Norton, Augustus
Issue Description: For most Americans the emergence of Ayatollah Khomeini and the subsequent holding of U.S. hostages in Iran provided the first media exposure to Shi’i Muslims. This issue looks more closely at this religiously and politically important community.
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Archaeology , Politics in Palestine

Issue: 1987, Volume 20, Issue 1
Subject: Archaeology|Holy Land|Jerusalem|Syria
Author: Hoppe, Leslie
Issue Description: In the Holy Land, where praying at a particular shrine can be construed as a political act and where disputes over ownership and control of land are supercharged with religious and nationalistic overtones, archaeologists are beset with problems that challenge the skill of the most tactful diplomat. Leslie Hoppe, author of “What Are They Saying About Biblical Archaeology?", explains.
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England, the US in Palestine

Issue: 1987, Volume 20, Issue 2
Subject: History
Author: Aboushi, W. F.
Issue Description: The recent Tower Commission Report, in analyzing causes of the Iran-Contra debacle, cited the failure by U.S. officials to realize that Israel’s foreign policy goals at times stand in direct opposition to hose of the United States. As this issue points out, it’s a lesson we could have learned from the British.
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Public Opinion and the M.E. Conflict

Issue: 1987, Volume 20, Issue 3
Subject: Media|Spying
Author: Moughrabi, Fouad
Issue Description: Looks at U.S. public opinion in the aftermath of Israel’s 1982 of Lebanon and the Jonathan Pollard espionage case. Some of the findings are unexpected.
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The Shadow Government

Issue: 1987, Volume 20, Issue 4
Subject: Military|Politics
Author: Hunter, Jane
Issue Description: Tom Dine, executive director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, said earlier this year that Secretary of State George Shultz privately had told him of a desire “to build institutional arrangements so that...if there is a [future] secretary of state who is not positive about Israel, he will not be able to overcome the bureaucratic relationship between Israel and the U.S. that we have established.” This issue suggests that that institutional arrangement is already well established.
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The US Role in Israel's Arms Industry

Issue: 1987, Volume 20, Issue 5
Subject: History|Military
Author: Bahbah, Bishara
Issue Description: A December 1986 article in The New York Times said that Israel has become one of the world’s top ten arms exporters. Bishara Bahbah is author of “Israel and Latin America: The Military Connection.” In this issue he looks at Israel’s worldwide arms industry.
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The Israeli-South African-US Alliance

Issue: 1986, Volume 19, Issue 1
Subject: Human Rights|South Africa
Author: Hunter, Jane
Issue Description: In March 1985, Denis Goldberg, a Jewish South African sentenced in 1964 to life imprisonment for “conspiring to overthrow the apartheid regime,” was released through the intercession of his daughter, an Israeli, and top Israeli officials, including Israel’s president. Arriving in Israel, Goldberg said that he saw “many similarities in the oppression of blacks in South Africa and of Palestinians,” and he called for a total economic boycott of South Africa, singling out Israel as a major ally of the apartheid regime. Pledging not to stay in a country that is a major supporter of South African apartheid, Dennis Goldberg moved to London. Just how big a supporter Israel is, is the subject of this issue.
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The Making of a Non-Person

Issue: 1986, Volume 19, Issue 2
Subject: Courts|Human Rights|Land and Homes
Author: Abu Shakrah, Jan
Issue Description: This issue is about a people without passports— four million people, dispossessed of their land, intimidated, tortured, assacred, facing an uncertain future. Sociologist Jan Abu Shakrah traces the dehumanization of the Palestinian and dissects with clinical precision the matter of their statelessness.
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The Vatican, US Catholics, and the Middle East

Issue: 1986, Volume 19, Issue 3
Subject: Christianity|Holy Land|Jerusalem
Author: Irani, George
Issue Description: Why has the Vatican never officially recognized the state of Israel? Why did Pope John Paul II agree to meet with P.L.O. Chairman Yasser Arafat? Why do 81 percent of U.S. Catholics support an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza? George Irani, author of “The Papacy and the Middle East: The Role of the Holy See in the Arab-Israeli Conflict,”explains.
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Misguided Alliance

Issue: 1986, Volume 19, Issue 4
Subject: History|Politics
Author: Rubenberg, Cheryl
Issue Description: Writes author Cheryl A. Rubenberg: “The once open debate of the 1940s on whether the U.S. should support a state for the Jews in the Arab heartland has evolved into a political orthodoxy of the 1980s that considers the U.S.-Israel ties the most important –- and unquestionable –- cornerstone of American Middle East policy. How did the transformation occur?”This issue explores the question in depth.
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