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Israel's Drive for Water

Issue: 1984, Volume 17, Issue 4
Subject: Politics
Author: Schmida, Leslie C.
Issue Description: In October 1953, [then President] Eisenhower’s Science Advisory Committee responded to Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion’s call for the settlement in Israel of an additional two million European Jews by warning that “this unrealistic approach can only lead to further economic and financial difficulties, and will probably result in additional pressure to expand Israel’s frontiers into the rich lands of the Tigris and Euphrates Valley, and northward into the settled lands of Syria.” Writes author Leslie Schmida in this 1984 issue: “Israel’s appropriation, time after time, of Arab property and water resources in abrogation of all commonly accepted international standards seems well on the way to realizing this dismal prospect.”
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The Lasting Gift of Christmas

Issue: 1984, Volume 17, Issue 5
Subject: Christianity
Author: Haddad, Hassan
Issue Description: For historian Hassan Haddad this issue is not only a return to his childhood memories of Christmas in northern Lebanon as the son of a Protestant minister, it is also a return of 1,400 years to the Qu’ran and its beautiful retelling of the Annunciation and virgin birth, of 2,000 years to the Gospel stories of Matthew and Luke, of centuries earlier to the Sumerians and Egyptians, the Nabateans and Zoroastrians, and beyond the Middle East, to Asia and the birth of Buddha. Along the way, Professor Haddad, who teaches at St. Xavier College in Chicago, is not uncritical of the ways Christmas has been exploited by one group or another. Still, he finds in the Christmas story, a universal longing.
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Military Peacekeeping in the Middle East

Issue: 1983, Volume 16, Issue 1
Subject: Military|War/Conflict
Author: Mulligan, William
Issue Description: Individual commandeers of U.N. peacekeeping forces have written of their experiences in the Middle East. A compilation of their experiences has yet to appear in English, and practically all of the individual accounts are now out of print. William Mulligan, who has spent most of his 35 years in the Middle East in the area of Government Relations for the Arabian American Oil Company, was able to contact some of the major participants. Their reflections add relevancy to a history from which the
United States and the multinational force now in Lebanon can learn a great deal.
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The Land of Palestine

Issue: 1983, Volume 16, Issue 2
Subject: Environment|History|Jordan|Land and Homes|Water
Author: Brown, Dean
Issue Description: President Reagan’s recent call for a Palestinian “homeland”on the West Bank elicited from Moshe Arens, Israel’s Defense Minister, the response that “a Palestinian homeland and state exists — Jordan.”  In this issue, former U.S. Ambassador to Jordan, L. Dean Brown, responds.
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Prisoners of Israel

Issue: 1983, Volume 16, Issue 3
Subject: Civil Rights|Human Rights|Lebanon
Author: Dillon, Edward J.
Issue Description: For the past 15 years, Father Edward Dillon has worked with prisoners in the Philadelphia area. In this issue, Fr. Dillon reports on the plight of prisoners inside Israeli-run prisons in south Lebanon and the Occupied Territories.
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Christian Zionism

Issue: 1983, Volume 16, Issue 4
Subject: Christianity|Evangelical Christians|Theology|Zionism
Author: Ingram, O. Kelly
Issue Description: Christian Zionism seeks the return of Jews to Palestine as a necessary prelude to the Second Coming of Christ and expects the wholesale conversion of Israel to belief in Jesus as the true Messiah. It is part of a movement begun in 17th-century England which Jewish historian Cecil Roth calls “philosemitism.”
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US Aid to Israel

Issue: 1983, Volume 16, Issue 5
Subject: Military|Politics|U.S. Aid
Author: Abed-Rabbo, Samir; El-Khawas, Mohamad
Issue Description: In 1982, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GOA) began a study of U.S. aid to Israel. In March 1983, the completed study was submitted to Secretary of State George Shultz. Three months later a highly censored version was released to the public. Shortly thereafter, a copy of all but six pages of the GOA report was leaked to the press. This issue analyses that uncensored report.
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Palestine: The Suppression of an Idea

Issue: 1982, Volume 15, Issue 1
Subject: History|Land and Homes|Zionism
Author: Hallaj, Muhammad
Issue Description: In this issue, two questions which go to the core of Dr. Hallaj’s life are examined: How an indigenous Palestinian culture is faring today under Israeli occupation, and why Zionism is bent on erasing it.
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Tourism in the Holy Land

Issue: 1982, Volume 15, Issue 2
Subject: Christianity|Holy Land|Tourism
Author: Ekin, Larry
Issue Description: Tourism is the world’s biggest industry. For many world capitals it represents over 40 percent of their total revenues. Far less appreciated, however, are the political and ethical dimensions of the industry. That is particularly true of tourism in the Holy Land.
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Yasser Arafat: The Man and His People

Issue: 1982, Volume 15, Issue 3
Subject: Arafat|P.L.O.
Author: Halsell, Grace
Issue Description: Despite his worldwide recognition as Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, little is known of Yasser Arafat’s early life, his education, his politics, his religion, his living habits, etc. To fill in some of these blanks, Grace Halsell went twice to Beirut, once in December 1981, and again in April 1982. Halsell is the author of 11 books, including “A Biography of Charles Evers,”“Bessie Yellowhair,”“Soul Sister,”and “Journey to Jerusalem.”
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