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Our website now includes every issue of The Link published since the first one in 1968.  Each issue can be downloaded as a PDF.

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The Arab-Israeli Arms Race

Issue: 1974, Volume 7, Issue 5
Subject: Military|War/Conflict
Author: Jabber, Fuad
Issue Description: Author traces the arms race between Israel and its neighbors and warns that, if diplomacy proves sterile, the race will presage an increase in both the tempo and the scale of armed violence.
PDFDownload: Archive

The Arab Market: Opportunities for U.S. Business

Issue: 1973, Volume 6, Issue 1
Subject: Business|Native Americans
Author: Walz, Humphrey
Issue Description: Examines present supply and demand for energy fuels; the challenge and opportunity for Arab economic development; and what this means for U.S. businesses
PDFDownload: Archive

A Prophet Speaks in Israel

Issue: 1973, Volume 6, Issue 2
Subject: Education|Human Rights|Judaism
Author: Mezvinski, Norton
Issue Description: Profile of Dr. Israel Shahak, founder of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights
PDFDownload: Archive

US Middle East Involvement

Issue: 1973, Volume 6, Issue 3
Subject: Refugees
Author: Richardson, John
Issue Description: A survey of U.S. voluntary organizations involved in relief and rehabilitation for Palestinian refugees and other needy individuals in the Middle East
PDFDownload: Archive

American Jewry and the Zionist Jewish State Concept

Issue: 1973, Volume 6, Issue 4
Subject: Zionism
Author: Mezvinski, Norton
Issue Description: Author traces American Jewry’s support for the Zionist Jewish State since 1948.
PDFDownload: Archive

Christians in the Arab East

Issue: 1973, Volume 6, Issue 5
Subject: Christianity|History|Islam/Muslims|Theology
Author: Walz, Humphrey
Issue Description: In 1973, it was estimated that there were some 9-million Christians in the “Arab East.”  Author Humphrey Walz noted: “To many Christians in the West . . . it’s downright startling that [there is] so much as a single co-religionist left in the lands that cradled their faith and exported it to the world . . . ”
PDFDownload: Archive

Religion Used to Promote Hatred in Israel

Issue: 1972, Volume 5, Issue 1
Subject: Church Activism|Judaism|Tourism
Author: Walz, Humphrey
Issue Description: Summary of article by B. Shefi: “Israel: The Jewish Religion Abused”
PDFDownload: Archive

A Look at Gaza

Issue: 1972, Volume 5, Issue 2
Subject: Refugees|West Bank/Gaza
Author: Walz, Humphrey
Issue Description: Includes reports on Gaza from American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) and United Nations Relief
and Works Agency (UNWRA)
PDFDownload: Archive

Foreign Policy Report: Nixon Gives Massive Aid But Reaps No Political Harvest

Issue: 1972, Volume 5, Issue 3
Subject: Politics
Author: Glass, Andrew
Issue Description: Examines U.S. policy towards the Middle East: How it is determined and what forces influence it
PDFDownload: Archive

Some Thoughts on Jerusalem

Issue: 1972, Volume 5, Issue 4
Subject: Jerusalem|Zionism
Author: Ryan, Joseph
Issue Description: Archbishop Ryan speaks on: The gravity of the present situation, the expansion of Zionism, the
Vatican’s position
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