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Apartheid...Israel's Inconvenient Truth

Issue: 2022, Volume 55, Issue 1
Subject: Apartheid|Human Rights
Author: McGreal, Chris
Issue Description: Labeling Israel's occupation as "apartheid" has been much debated in recent times. Now, with the detailed reports from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, the matter would appear to be settled.  Chris McGreal, a seasoned frontline journalist, provides a comprehensive review of the history of the appellation, and the legal ramifications in 2022.
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The Politics of Archaeology - Christian Zionism and the Creation of Facts Underground

Issue: 2022, Volume 55, Issue 2
Subject: Archaeology|Christianity
Author: Kirk, Mimi
Issue Description: Volume 55, Issue 2 brings us back to the thorny issue of archaeology on contested land. Mimi Kirk zeroes in on the role played by evangelical Christian Zionists, and the cynical partnerships they forge with partisans in the U.S. and Israel. The issue includes an interview with Fakhri Abu Diab, a longstanding defender of Silwan against the incursions of political archaeological adventurism.
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The Decolonizing of Palestine Towards a One-State Solution

Issue: 2021, Volume 54, Issue 1
Subject: Civil Rights|Demographics|History|Israeli Palestinians
Author: Halper, Jeff
Issue Description: Our author, Jeff Halper, immigrated to Israel in 1973, where he taught anthropology at Haifa and Ben-Gurion Universities.
In 1997, he co-founded the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. 
This is his fifth feature article for  The Link.  His third, in 2012, concluded that the Two-State Solution was dead; his fourth, last year, documented the influence of the Israeli military on U.S. police training.
This present article is based on his forthcoming book Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine. To order his book, please go to the publisher’s website: www.plutobooks.com.
While Jeff Halper is a founding member of the One Democratic State Campaign (ODSC), he wants to make it clear that this article is  his  analysis, and that it reflects in good faith the views and intentions of his comrades.
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How Long Will Israel Get Away With It?

Issue: 2021, Volume 54, Issue 2
Subject: Israeli Palestinians
Author: Bresheeth-Zabner, Haim
Issue Description: A former officer in the Israeli army takes a critical look at the Israel Defense Forces and asks how long will this colonial state get away with it?
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Issue: 2021, Volume 54, Issue 3
Subject: Anti-Semitism|Censorship|Civil Rights|Human Rights
Author: Bahour, Sam
Issue Description: The dictionary describes rant as a noisy jollification.  If you've never been on one, now's a good time to start.
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Our Archives

Issue: 2021, Volume 54, Issue 4
Subject: Anniversary Issue|Education|History|Zionism
Author: Mahoney, John
Issue Description: In early 1967, six Americans met to form an organization they called Americans for Middle East Understanding.  In August of this year, AMEU’s Board of Directors selected Nicholas Griffin to be the organization’s fourth Executive Director in 54 years.  In this issue of The Link, our bimonthly publication, retiring Executive Director, John Mahoney, welcomes Nicholas to the job and invites all of us, as we look to the future, to take a few minutes to visit our half-century old archive, where the past has something important to tell us.  
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Israel’s Weaponization of Time

Issue: 2021, Volume 54, Issue 5
Subject: Civil Rights|Human Rights|Israeli Palestinians
Author: Aziz, Omar
Issue Description: New to the Link, Omar Aziz closes out 2021 with a review of the myriad ways Israel uses time to undermine Palestinian agency. Waiting for permits, not knowing where unexploded ordinance lies buried, when unlawful eviction orders may be levied, how the machinations of the Israeli judicial operate, or restricting access to broadband technology... Israeli forces exploit the asymmetric temporal dimensions of Occupation at every turn, and Palestinians adapt. The author points to the Unity Intifada as a last, and hopeful, resort.
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The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine

Issue: 2020, Volume 53, Issue 1
Subject: Anti-Semitism|Civil Rights|History
Author: Khalidi, Rashid
Issue Description: Rashid Khalidi is the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University and the author of the newly released book "The Hundred Years' War on Palestine."  We invited Professor Khalidi to write a feature article for The Link based on his book.  Here, with gratitude, is our March 2020 issue, likewise entitled "The Hundred Years' War on Palestine."
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UPDATED: The Latest on the Suspected Murderers of Alex Odeh

Issue: 2020, Volume 53, Issue 2
Subject: Censorship|Civil Rights|Human Rights
Author: Sheen, David
Issue Description: Whatever happened to the suspected murderers of Alex Odeh?  Our April-May issue of The Link investigates.
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Palestinian Christians

Issue: 2020, Volume 53, Issue 3
Subject: Christianity|Civil Rights|History|Human Rights|Islam/Muslims|Public Opinion
Author: Cook, Jonathan
Issue Description: In 1947, 85% of Bethlehem's population was Christian, with 15% Muslim. Today  85% of Bethlehem is Muslim and 15% Christian.  Why the dramatic reversal?  That is the subject of our July-August Link.
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