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Article:   The Jews of Iraq

Our website now includes every issue of The Link published since the first one in 1968.  Each issue can be downloaded as a PDF.

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Humphrey Gets the Inside Dope

Issue: 1994, Volume 27, Issue 4
Subject: Education|History
Author: Law, John
Issue Description: Another attempt to educate an American “Everyman”on the basics behind the ongoing struggle in the Middle East.
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Refusing to Curse the Darkness

Issue: 1994, Volume 27, Issue 5
Subject: Settlements
Author: Aronson, Geoffrey
Issue Description: Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark once said that “The truest test of any individual’s commitment to human rights in our society...lies in the commitment to human rights for Palestinians.” This issue profiles eight Americans who embody that commitment.
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Islam and the US National Interest

Issue: 1993, Volume 26, Issue 1
Subject: Islam/Muslims
Author: Dallal, Shaw
Issue Description: In its 1992 monograph entitled “Islam in America,”the American Jewish Committee acknowledges attempts by “some Western commentators”to stimulate what has been termed “the threat which Islam poses to western civilization.”What it fails to do, however, is to say who these commentators are, why they are turning Islam into a global villain, and how such a worldwide view affects U.S. national interests. For answers to these questions, we have turned to Professor Shaw Dallal of Utica College. He holds a degree in International Law from Cornell University, and is a frequent writer and lecturer on the Middle East.
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An Open Letter to Mrs. Clinton

Issue: 1993, Volume 26, Issue 2
Subject: Children|Human Rights
Author: Graff, James
Issue Description: Mrs. Clinton has voiced concern about the rights and well-being of children around the world. Now as First Lady she can accomplish even more on behalf of children. That’s what prompted James Graff to write to her about Palestinian children. He writes to ask her help in ending a foreign government’s practice of shooting, beating, terrorizing, and de-educating an entire generation of youngsters — a government, moreover, that is doing it with out tax money.
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Issue: 1993, Volume 26, Issue 3
Subject: Media
Author: Edwards, Colin
Issue Description: On April 14, 1993, 19 people filed a class action suit against the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, et al. The plaintiffs, represented by former U.S. Congressman, Paul N. “Pete”McCloskey, are seeking damages for invasion of privacy. Colin Edwards is one of the class action plaintiffs. Here he writes about the law suit and about the wider issue of censorship of Middle East news in the United States.
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Save the Musht

Issue: 1993, Volume 26, Issue 4
Subject: Environment|Water
Author: Hassoun, Rosina
Issue Description: Rosina Hassoun delivered the first of four papers on “The State of Palestine,”a panel sponsored by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee at its National Convention, last April, in Alexandria, Virginia. The other three presenters talked about politics--everything from Israeli annexation of the Territories to Palestinian sovereignty over them. When the time came for questions, the 500-plus audience directed all their queries to the political analysts. Then something unexpected happened.
The session ended and the three analysts gradually made their way out of the room. But not Rosina. She literally was surrounded by reporters and interviewers (one from the Arabic version of the BBC), as well as other participants just fascinated by what she had to say; they wanted to hear more.
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The Exiles

Issue: 1993, Volume 26, Issue 5
Subject: Right of Return
Author: Lesch, Ann
Issue Description: Fifteen years ago, Ann Lesch, writing in the Journal of Palestine Studies, compiled a list of 1,151 Palestinians who had been deported by Israel between 1967 and 1978. Now, in this issue, Ms Lesch updates her list to include the names of 547 Palestinians expelled from their homeland between the years 1980 and 1992. The issue also includes a 1988 letter by Umar Abd al-Jawad describing them midnight arrest and deportation of his father, al-Birah mayor Abd al-Jawad Salem, 14 years earlier.
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Facing the Charge of Anti-Semitism

Issue: 1992, Volume 25, Issue 1
Subject: Anti-Semitism
Author: Hopkins, Paul
Issue Description: In 1980, Paul Hopkins became the Presbyterian Church’s Overseas Mission Secretary to the Middle East. His first visit to the West Bank and Gaza brought him face to face with hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees languishing under Israel’s military rule. When he came home to report what he had seen, his criticism of Israel brought him face to face with something else he didn’t expect: the charge of anti-Semitism. Paul’s experience is not unique. Nor is that of the Presbyterian Church. Many Americans, Protestants and Catholics, have sought justice for the Palestinians, as have Americans of no religious affiliation. And many Jews, risking the charges of “self-hating Jew”have also said No to Israel’s brutal occupation. This issue is dedicated to all those who have looked beyond the polls, beyond politics and, perhaps most difficult of all, beyond the fear of being smeared, to speak out on behalf of a people in pain.
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AMEU's 25th Anniversary Issue

Issue: 1992, Volume 25, Issue 2
Subject: Anniversary Issue|Christianity|Peace Process|Theology|U.S. Aid|U.S.S. Liberty|Zionism
Author: Various Authors
Issue Description: In this 25th anniversary issue, authors of previous Links revisit their subjects, including Muhammad Hallaj, Grace Halsell, Edward Dillon, Cheryl Rubenberg, James Ennes, John Law, Jane Hunter, George Irani, John Quigley, Mohamed Rabie and Humphrey Walz.
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Covert Operations: The Human Factor

Issue: 1992, Volume 25, Issue 3
Subject: Military|Spying
Author: Hunter, Jane
Issue Description: U.S.-Israeli covert operations have sealed the fate of millions of people worldwide. This issue looks at some of these operations that range from selling illegal arms to Third World dictators, to training these dictators’security forces, to cocaine trafficking, to multimillion dollar money laundering, to assassination squads.
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