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Israel's Bedouin: The End of Poetry

Issue: 1998, Volume 31, Issue 4
Subject: Civil Rights|Human Rights|Land and Homes
Author: Kelley, Ron
Issue Description: A cable TV programmer in Manhattan called me to ask if I'd like to see a documentary on the Bedouin of Israel.  It's rather extraordinary, he said.  The day after viewing Ron Kelley's documentary, I phoned him at his home in Michigan and invited him to tell his story to our Link readers.  He agreed in the hope that "the article can draw a little attention to the problem at hand."  The problem at hand is the destruction of a people.
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Dear NPR News

Issue: 1998, Volume 31, Issue 5
Subject: Media
Author: Abunimah, Ali
Issue Description: Ali Abunimah, widely known today for his association with the Electronic Intifada website, confronted National Public Radio in 1997-98 with a stream of e-mails about its Middle East coverage, using plain facts, humor and irony to call attention to historical inaccuracies, the use of Israeli euphemisms (i.e., “rubber bullets”), and failures to report on settlement growth, Palestinian deaths, home demolitions and collective punishments. Several of Abunimah’s most compelling letters to NPR are reprinted in this issue.
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The Children of Iraq: 1990-1997

Issue: 1997, Volume 30, Issue 1
Subject: Human Rights|Iraq|Politics|War/Conflict
Author: Kelly, Kathy
Issue Description: More Iraqi children have died as a result of our sanctions on Iraq than the combined toll of two atomic bombs on Japan and the recent scourge of ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia. Kathy Kelly, it should be noted, is a pacifist She's against all wars. But her article is about these children. And the legitimate question for all peoples of good will, pacifist or not, American or not, is whether the preventable deaths of over 600,000 children under 5 years of age is an appropriate sanction to levy on any country, anywhere, any time?
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AMEU's 30th Anniversary Issue

Issue: 1997, Volume 30, Issue 2
Subject: Anniversary Issue
Author: Various Authors
Issue Description: For the 30th anniversary issue of The Link, eight authors were invited to update readers on their earlier articles. Contributors are Lynda Brayer, Norman Finkelstein, James Graff, Grace Halsell, Rosina Hassoun, Kathleen Kern, Daniel McGowan, and Don Wagner.
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Remember the [USS] Liberty

Issue: 1997, Volume 30, Issue 3
Subject: History|Politics|U.S.S. Liberty|War/Conflict
Author: Borne, John
Issue Description: This issue includes a memorandum by Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “I have never believed that [Israel’s] attack on the USS Liberty was a case of mistaken identity,”Moorer writes. “[It was] a wanton sneak attack that left 34 American sailors dead and 171 seriously injured. . . . I have to conclude that it was Israel’s intent to sink the Liberty and leave as few survivors as possible.”
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U. S. Aid to Israel: The Subject No One Mentions

Issue: 1997, Volume 30, Issue 4
Subject: Politics|U.S. Aid
Author: Curtiss, Richard
Issue Description: The United States has leverage over Israel— annual grants and loans in the billions of dollars— if it ever chooses to exercise it. In addition to the familiar figure of $3 billion or so that is handed over every year to Israel, the true cost to the American taxpayer is far more. From 1949 through October, 1997, benefits to Israel from U.S. aid totaled nearly $85-billion, including grants, loans, “non-foreign aid,”and interest Israel accrued by receiving its foreign aid as a lump sum early in the fiscal year
(rather than quarterly as is the case with all other foreign aid recipients). It cost American taxpayers $50-billion in interest costs to provide that aid. In that time period, Israelis received nearly $15,000 per citizen from the U.S. alone, and more than $20,000 when German assistance is included.
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“People and the Land": Coming to a PBS Station Near You?

Issue: 1997, Volume 30, Issue 5
Subject: Human Rights|Media
Author: Hayes, Tom
Issue Description: Filming the Israeli occupation is to risk death or serious injury, but then just try and get the resulting documentary on U. S. television. Filmmaker Tom Hayes tells both parts of the story in “People and the Land.”
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Hebron's Theater of the Absurd

Issue: 1996, Volume 29, Issue 1
Subject: Christianity|Hebron|Human Rights|Settlements
Author: Kern, Kathleen
Issue Description: “. . . some broke ranks and attacked a line of Christian women peace activists who regularly placed themselves between the Jews and Palestinians, knocking two of them down and dragging them by their hair”was how The New York Times described a group of Jews led by Yigal Amir, the confessed assassin of Prime Minister Rabin, as he swaggered into Hebron. We thought that the U.S. media would have descended upon these women to get their eyewitness account, the assassination being,
after all, a major story. One of the women, Kathleen Kern, was even back in the country for a few weeks. But when we tracked her down, she said we were the only publication to ask for her story.
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Meanwhile in Lebanon

Issue: 1996, Volume 29, Issue 2
Subject: Lebanon|War/Conflict
Author: Irani, George
Issue Description: The target was a school bus. Twenty-five children, returning from school, with flowers. It was Mother’s Day 1994. Had the explosion occurred in Israel, it would have made news. As it was, it happened in South Lebanon. Part of South Lebanon still bleeds under Israel’s military occupation, while 450,000 refugees in Lebanon, most of them clustered in 12 camps, struggle not to despair. As the world focuses on Gaza and the West Bank, Lebanon, its seems, has been forgotten.
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Palestinians and Their Days in Court: Unequal Before the Law

Issue: 1996, Volume 29, Issue 3
Subject: Civil Rights|Courts|Human Rights|Land and Homes
Author: Brayer, Linda
Issue Description: Linda Brayer was born in South Africa to a Jewish family. Her parents were from Palestine and her grandfather was one of the founders of the first Jewish modern settlement, Petah Tikvah. She went to Israel on “aliya”in 1965. After obtaining her liberal arts degree (cum laude) from the Hebrew University, she continued on for her law degree and entered private practice in 1986. The following year the first intifada broke out. “My world was shattered,”she writes. “I found myself facing the void of
the lie of Zionism.”
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