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Current Issue > 2016 - Volume 49
What do Native Americans, African Americans, and Palestinians living under occupation have in common?  That is the subject of our December Link, "The Wheels of Justice," by Steven Jungkeit.
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The Palestinians' struggle  to shake off their 50-year military occupation has given the world such neologisms as intifada.  Now, as veteran journalist Jonathan Cook reports in our Sept.-Oct. issue of The Link, comes agro-resistance.
As it turns out, it's one that the reader can actually buy into.
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A terrorist attack occurred in Southern California.  30 years ago.  But, the murderers have yet to be named, questioned, or indicted. Our June-July issue of The Link asks Why.
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What makes a president of the United States shun the advice of his State Department and embrace the colonization of  another people’s land?

More astoundingly, yet, what makes leading intellectuals of their day do the same?

The answer, in part, is mainstream Protestantism. Ironically, though, as our feature writer notes in our May-June issue of The Link, it is today’s mainstream Protestant churches that are publicly voicing opposition to the ongoing colonization of Palestinian land.
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There are two Gazas.  One is the Gaza you get when you Google Gaza. The other is the Gaza you will discover in our January-March issue of The Link.
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