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AMEU was founded in 1967 by Americans whose professions in medicine, church ministry, archaeology and diplomacy had taken them to the Middle East. AMEU strives to create in the United States a deeper appreciation of the culture, history and current events in that area.


A primary objective right from the beginning has been to publicize and amplify the efforts of other organizations working toward similar ends. We direct your attention to the scroll above that headlines recent news, blogs and other valuable information.


AMEU's principal publication is The Link, which is available in hard copy and on-line five times a year. Each issue is devoted to a single critical issue, one that is usually not covered in depth—if at all—in the mainstream press. In addition to its general readership, The Link goes to approximately 2,500 church leaders, 2,000 academicians, and 1,900 public and school libraries, including major universities. An annual voluntary subscription to The Link is $40.00.

Uninhabitable: Gaza Faces Moment of Truth

The only way Israelis can be made to sit up and take note of the disaster unfolding next door in Gaza...

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Jews Step Forward

At a time when 26 states have passed some form of pro-Israel legislation requiring a loyalty oaths to Israel...

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