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Article:   US Aid to Israel

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Why Do They Hate Us?

Issue: 2003, Volume 36, Issue 4
Subject: Public Opinion
Author: Zogby, John
Issue Description: Practically all polls show that Americans are less esteemed by the world community today than ever before. Is it because, as many U.S. commentators suggest, non-Americans envy our power, or our way of life, or our technology? Or perhaps they revile our culture as they see it filtered through our movies and television? John Zogby, president of the international polling firm of Zogby International, looks at all these possibilities and concludes that none of them is right. So what is the answer?
While Zogby's polling results may surprise many Americans, they will not come as a surprise to the rest of the world, and certainly not to the people of the Middle East.
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Issue: 2003, Volume 36, Issue 5
Subject: Human Rights|Land and Homes
Author: Corrie, Cindy
Issue Description: Rachel Corrie went to the Occupied Territories believing in (1) the right to freedom of the Palestinian people based on the relevant United Nations resolutions and international law; and (2) exclusive reliance on non-violent methods of resistance. On March 16, 2003, Rachel was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer while trying to prevent the demolition of the home of a Palestinian pharmacist, his wife and three young children near the Egyptian border. She was 23 years old. Her mother wrote
this issue of The Link.
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Law & Disorder in the Middle East

Issue: 2002, Volume 35, Issue 1
Subject: Oslo|Peace Process
Author: Boyle, Francis A.
Issue Description: Francis Boyle served as legal adviser to the Palestinian delegation to the Middle East peace negotiations from 1991-1993 and worked closely with the head of that delegation, Dr. Haider Abdel Shafi. Part of his responsibilities was to review all preceding peace proposals put forward by Israel with respect to the Palestinians, going back to the Camp David Accords. This is his account.
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A Style Sheet on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Issue: 2002, Volume 35, Issue 2
Subject: Media
Author: Bailey, J. Martin
Issue Description: J. Martin Bailey has compiled and defined 117 terms whose use, misuse and non-use by the media contribute mightily to what newspaper readers, radio listeners and TV watchers perceive as “the truth”about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the religious, cultural and ethnic ingredients of that conflict. The AMEU web site has made the lexicon into a permanent feature (see Resources) so that it can be expanded and amended as needed.
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The Crusades, Then and Now

Issue: 2002, Volume 35, Issue 3
Subject: Christianity|Crusades|History|Holy Land|Islam/Muslims|Zionism
Author: Ashmore, Robert
Issue Description: Crusading is a concept that applies to successive campaigns against the East and even against foes in the West during medieval times, as well as to actions of the imperial powers in the 19th and 20th centuries. A clear understanding of crusading reveals that it characterizes much that is occurring today, from U.S.-headed economic sanctions on Iraq to Israel’s expansionist settlement policy in Arab territory to Russia’s devastating campaign in Chechnya.
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A Most UnGenerous Offer

Issue: 2002, Volume 35, Issue 4
Subject: Human Rights|Land and Homes|Oslo|Peace Process
Author: Halper, Jeff
Issue Description: If you look at the blueprint of a prison, it looks like the prisoners own the place. They have 95 percent of the territory. The prisoners have the living areas. They have the cafeteria, the visiting area, the exercise yard. All the prison authorities have is 5 percent: the surrounding walls, the cell bars, a few points of control, the keys to the door. When you consider Israeli Prime Minister’s “generous offer”to the Palestinians at Camp David, keep that prison blueprint in mind.
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The Making of Iraq

Issue: 2002, Volume 35, Issue 5
Subject: History|Iraq|Politics
Author: Simons, Geoff
Issue Description: Geoff Simons has written four books on Iraq, his most recent being “Targeting Iraq: Sanctions and Bombing in US Policy,”published this year. Denis Halliday, former U.N. Assistant Secretary-General and head of the U.N. Humanitarian Program in Iraq, says of this work, “There is no doubt this is an important book.”And The Times of London added: “Books either written or edited by Simons can be bought with confidence.”If ever Americans had a need to know the history of Iraq— “from Sumer to Saddam,”as the title of one of Geoff’s books puts it— that time is at hand. Two of Simons’books on Iraq, along with other new entries, are available from our web site catalog.
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Israel's Anti-Civilian Weapons

Issue: 2001, Volume 34, Issue 1
Subject: Human Rights|Military|War/Conflict
Author: Mahoney, John F.
Issue Description: Because they are the targets, Palestinian youngsters have become authorities of sorts on rubber-coated steel bullets.  They collect them much like American kids collect baseball cards.  And they've learned to discern what's coming at them.
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Today's Via Dolorosa

Issue: 2001, Volume 34, Issue 2
Subject: Christianity|Theology
Author: Dillon, Edward J.
Issue Description: In Ed Dillon's country parish in upstate New York, church members reenact the Stations of the Cross on the Friday before Holy Week.  Tracing the Stations of the Cross has been a pious custom, especially for Latin Catholics, since the time of the Crusades.  The Link asked Pastor Dillon to go to Jerusalem and to construct a modern parable while following the course of the original Via Dolorosa and reflecting on the figures who found themselves there 2,000 years ago.  Who could be cast today as Jesus, Dillon asked himself.  "For those who come to the Holy Land with eyes to see and ears to hear," he writes, "the answer is the Palestinian people."
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Americans Tortured in Israeli Jails

Issue: 2001, Volume 34, Issue 3
Subject: Courts|Human Rights
Author: Bird, Jerri
Issue Description: Forty-five thousand United States citizens of Palestinian origin are living in or visiting the West Bank, according to U.S. officials. Some of these citizens are imprisoned by Israel— without ever being charged with a crime; some have their U.S. passports taken from them— without ever being charged with a crime; all report that they were tortured. Jerri Bird profiles several cases in this issue, relying on the sworn affidavits of the tortured.
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