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Collateral Damage

Issue: 2007, Volume 40, Issue 5
Subject: Iraq|Jordan|Refugees|War/Conflict
Author: Kelly, Kathy
Issue Description: It has been said that the murder of one person is a tragedy, while that of millions of persons is a sanitation problem. So, too, the uprooting of one family can be grasped as a particular calamity, while that of thousands of families is seen as a logistical challenge. This Link puts a human face on the million-plus Iraqis who have had to flee their homeland in fear of their lives.
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Middle East Studies Under Siege

Issue: 2006, Volume 39, Issue 1
Subject: Education
Author: Scott, Joan W.
Issue Description: In 2001, shortly after the terrorist attacks on the trade towers in New York, the American Association of University Professors set up a special committee to report on Academic Freedom in a Time of National Emergency. Joan W. Scott, professor of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., was a member of that committee and, at the time, chair of A.A.U.P.’s committee on academic freedom and tenure. The author describes the “well-organized lobby that, on campus and
off, has been systematically attacking Middle East studies programs under various guises”in an effort to limit expression on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to pro-occupation viewpoints.
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Inside the Anti-Occupation Camp

Issue: 2006, Volume 39, Issue 2
Subject: Peace Process
Author: Warschawski, Michel
Issue Description: In 1984, along with Palestinian and Israeli activists, Michel Warschawski co-founded the Alternative Information Center, which combines grassroots activism with research, analysis, dialogue and the dissemination of information on Palestine-Israel. He was arrested by Shin Bet in 1987 and refused, during 15 days of interrogation, to reveal the names of Palestinian counterparts and others active in opposing the occupation. The author is a Polish Frenchman and a rabbi’s son who went to Israel to
study the Talmud and ultimately chose to risk his personal security in the cause of peace with justice for Palestinians.
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Why Divestment? Why Now?

Issue: 2006, Volume 39, Issue 3
Subject: Boycotts and Divestment|Church Activism
Author: Wildman, David
Issue Description: The author was active in the South African anti-Apartheid movement. Since 2001, he has served on the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation steering committee. Currently he serves as Executive Secretary, Human Rights & Racial Justice, with the General Board of Ministries, United Methodist Church. He examines divestiture as a nonviolent, moral strategy, and the struggle to bring divestiture to bear on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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For Charlie

Issue: 2006, Volume 39, Issue 4
Subject: Children
Author: Lubin, Barbara
Issue Description: Barbara Lubin, a Jewish-American activist, begins her Link with these words: “Israel’s recent invasion of Lebanon brought back painful memories to me of its 1982 invasion for more reasons than one. While Israel’s actions in 2006 were similar to 1982— widespread bombing of civilians and civilian infrastructure, the destruction of entire neighborhoods, and the indiscriminate killing of women and children— my reactions then and now were very different. These opposite reactions tell the story of who I was and who I have become.”
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Beyond the Minor Second

Issue: 2006, Volume 39, Issue 5
Subject: Music
Author: Shaheen, Simon
Issue Description: Simon Shaheen, one of the most significant Arab musicians, performers and composers of our time, explains what it felt like when he first picked up the 'oud, what he experienced as a Palestinian growing up in Israel, and what he is doing today to bridge the cultures and conflicts in the world and to encourage other Palestinian musicians to reach their potential.
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Issue: 2005, Volume 38, Issue 1
Subject: History|Iran
Author: Simons, Geoff
Issue Description: A comprehensive survey of Iran, beginning in antiquity. From World War II onward, there are many familiar American names and U.S.-influenced events embedded in this account: John Foster Dulles; the C.I.A. and Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh; Kermit Roosevelt; the Rockefellers; Jimmy Carter and the Americans taken hostage during his presidency, President Ronald Reagan, Oliver North, and Iran-Contra.
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The Day FDR Met Saudi Arabia's Ibn Saud

Issue: 2005, Volume 38, Issue 2
Subject: History|Politics|Saudi Arabia
Author: Lippman, Thomas W.
Issue Description: Former Washington Post Middle East Bureau Chief Thomas Lippman provides a fascinating, anecdote-laced account of the 1945 meeting of President Franklin D. Roosevelt with Saudi Arabia's legendary King Ibn Saud.  Roosevelt's probing of Ibn Saud's views on Jewish settlement in Palestine elicited the King's response that Germany, being the perpetrator of the Holocaust, should be made to pay the price with appropriated land within Germany.  Col. William Eddy, translator between the two principals, is relied upon for the substance of what was discussed, and the Eddy book, "F.D.R. Meets Ibn Saud," can be accessed on the AMEU website.
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The Coverage and Non-Coverage of Israel-Palestine

Issue: 2005, Volume 38, Issue 3
Subject: Media
Author: Weir, Alison
Issue Description: The New York Times is called “the newspaper of record,”in part because hundreds of other newspapers across the country and around the world subscribe to its New York Times News Service. So, if The Times skewers the news, it’s skewered worldwide. Which is exactly what is happening with its coverage of Palestine/Israel, according to Alison Weir, executive director of If Americans Knew.
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The Israeli Factor

Issue: 2005, Volume 38, Issue 4
Subject: History|Iraq|War/Conflict
Author: Cooley, John
Issue Description: John Cooley, former correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and ABC News, writes that President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and their real or nominal allies had the active or tacit cooperation of many in the media in the run-up to the “war of choice”with Iraq. Cooley adds: “For this writer, after covering Arab and Muslim regions for nearly half a century, there is another issue. Our mainstream media, almost without exception, tip-toe around the role played by Israel in influencing the Bushites toward war in March 2003.”
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