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Palestine and the Season of Arab Discontent

Issue: 2011, Volume 44, Issue 4
Author: Davidson, Lawrence R.
Issue Description: On the surface it would appear that the only two populations unaffected by the recent upheaval in the Eastern Mediterranean are the Israelis and the Palestinians. In our September-October issue of The Link, West Chester University professor Dr. Lawrence Davidson looks beneath the surface and concludes that the Palestinians and Israelis may have to go through another winter before their springtime arrives.
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Who Are The "Canaanites"? Why Ask?

Issue: 2011, Volume 44, Issue 5
Subject: Archaeology|History
Author: Ra'ad, Basem L.
Issue Description: Just prior to the publication of this Link, presidential candidate Newt Gingrich commented that Palestinians are an “invented people.”  Good timing, in a way, because the intent of this article is to refute such crass ignorance and/or intentional disinformation.  The author, Basem Ra’ad, teaches at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem.  His article is based on his book “Hidden Histories: Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean,” which is reviewed on page 14 of this issue and available for purchase through AMEU.  In the first four months since the issue appeared, we restocked the book five times to keep up with the orders--none, unfortunately enough, from the former House Speaker and unsuccessful presidential candidate.
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The Olive Trees of Palestine

Issue: 2010, Volume 43, Issue 1
Subject: Environment|Land and Homes
Author: Dillon, Edward J.
Issue Description: Question #1: How many Palestinian olive trees have been destroyed by Israelis during their recent 22-day invasion of Gaza?: a) 5,000; b) 9,000; c) 13,000. Question #2: How many Palestinian olive trees have been destroyed by Israelis since 1948?: a) 100,000; b) 500,000; c) over 1,000,000. Question #3: Why? The answers follow.
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A Doctor’s Prescription for Peace with Justice

Issue: 2010, Volume 43, Issue 2
Subject: Jewish Voices|Peace Process
Author: Feldman, Steven R., M.D
Issue Description: What does putting a computer chip on the top of a prescription bottle have to do with peace between Palestinians and Israelis? Dr. Steven Feldman explains.
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Where Is The Palestinian Gandhi?

Issue: 2010, Volume 43, Issue 3
Subject: History|Human Rights
Author: Qumsiyeh, Mazin
Issue Description: U2 singer Bono recently expressed his hope that “the people in places filled with rage and despair, places like the Palestinian Territories, will in the days ahead find among them their Gandhi . . . ” We urge Bono to go to the Territories and to meet with Palestinians such as our feature writer, Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, a former Yale University scientist, author of “Popular Resistance in Palestine,” and a nonviolent human rights activist.
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Shuhada Street

Issue: 2010, Volume 43, Issue 4
Author: Amayreh, Khalid
Issue Description: In many ways, our September-October issue is but a 7,000-word commentary on our cover photo that shows a Jewish settler throwing a glass of wine at an Arab woman he comes upon as she goes about her shopping. Who is the young man in the photo? Who is the woman? What feelings infuse their passing on Shuhada Street? And one other question, perhaps the most disturbing: Is this racism?
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Publish It Not

Issue: 2010, Volume 43, Issue 5
Subject: Censorship|Media
Author: Cook, Jonathan
Issue Description: Publish It Not, the title of our issue, is taken from Michael Adams’s 1975 book of the same name. Adams, a British journalist for The Guardian, was one of the first newsmen to tell of his difficulties in reporting on Israel’s brutalities in the then newly occupied West Bank and Gaza. In this issue Jonathan Cook, who also wrote for The Guardian, gives us an update on the current muzzling of the Fourth Estate.
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Overcoming Impunity

Issue: 2009, Volume 42, Issue 1
Subject: Censorship|History|Zionism
Author: Kovel, Joel
Issue Description: Joel Kovel believes that no state has an inherent right to exist. This principle is not original with him. He finds it enshrined by Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence. In this Link issue, Dr. Kovel, who is Jewish, asks the question-that-must-never-be-asked: Does the Zionist state of Israel have an inherent right to exist?
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Issue: 2009, Volume 42, Issue 2
Subject: Human Rights
Author: Mahoney, John F.
Issue Description: They include a businesswoman, journalist, member of the British Parliament, international lawyer, university professor, rabbi, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee. And, as this issue of The Link will reveal, they all have two things in common.
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L'Affaire Freeman

Issue: 2009, Volume 42, Issue 3
Subject: Anti-Semitism|History|Politics
Author: Wall, James M.
Issue Description: Discrimination against Jews— anti-Semitism— teaches us why hatred of any people is so insidious. But what about philo-Semitism? Is it possible to love Jews too much? That is one of the questions that Jim Wall, former editor of Christian Century, addresses in this issue.
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