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A Special Kind of Exile

Issue: 2015, Volume 48, Issue 4
Subject: Anti-Semitism|Civil Rights
Author: Rothchild, Alice, M.D.
Issue Description: The author begins with these words: “I was once on track to be a nice Jewish girl, growing up in the small New England town of Sharon, Massachusetts, with liberal minded parents who fled the narrow confines of shetl Brooklyn for the dreams of 1950s exurbia, a sparkling lake, and a moderately out-of-tune though touchingly aspirational civic orchestra.  I played the cymbals, perhaps a warning of crashes to come.
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Between Two Blue Lines

Issue: 2015, Volume 48, Issue 5
Subject: Civil Rights|Human Rights|Israeli Palestinians
Author: Hayes, Tom
Issue Description: Coming Soon.
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In Search of Grace Halsell

Issue: 2014, Volume 47, Issue 1
Subject: Anti-Semitism|Christianity|Church Activism|Civil Rights
Author: Kelley, Robin D. G.
Issue Description: Grace Halsell was the author of the 1982 book “Journey to Jerusalem.” As it turned out, it would be a journey that she would travel up until her death in 2000. Robin Kelley, the Gary B. Nash Professor of American History at U.C.L.A., traces that journey and, in so doing, embarks on a journey of his own.
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Quo Vadis

Issue: 2014, Volume 47, Issue 2
Subject: History
Author: Villa-Vicencio, Charles
Issue Description: Charles Villa-Vicencio is Emeritus Professor of Religion and Society at the University of Capetown. In anticipation of Pope Francis’s visit to the Holy Land, our author looks to the past for some guidance on what this visit might portend.
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What if the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple are NOT under the Dome of the Rock?

Issue: 2014, Volume 47, Issue 3
Subject: Archaeology
Author: Buchanan, George W.
Issue Description: Tradition has it that Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque were built upon the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple, destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D. Dr. George Wesley Buchanan, Professor Emeritus of New Testament Theology at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., disagrees.
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Can Palestine Bring Israeli Officials before the International Criminal Court?

Issue: 2014, Volume 47, Issue 4
Subject: Courts
Author: Quigley, John
Issue Description: On Nov. 29, 2012, the U.N. General Assembly voted to upgrade the U.N. status for “Palestine” from non-member observer entity” to “non-member observer state.” This raised two questions: Can Palestine now bring criminal charges against Israeli officials before the International Criminal Court? And, if so, what charges? John Quigley, professor emeritus of international law at Ohio State University, answers both.
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The Immorality Of It All

Issue: 2014, Volume 47, Issue 5
Subject: Civil Rights|Human Rights
Author: Maguire, Daniel C.
Issue Description: Does a person being raped have the right to fend off the rapist, no matter how ineffectual those efforts might be?  For Daniel Maguire, professor of religious ethics at Marquette University and author of our December issue of The Link, when it comes to Palestinian resistance, THAT  is the question.
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Like a Picture, A Map is Worth A Thousand Words

Issue: 2013, Volume 46, Issue 1
Subject: Civil Rights|Demographics|Human Rights|Refugees
Author: Driver, Rod
Issue Description: The Link has never had a centerfold lay-out — until this issue.  We decided this was the most dramatic way to  lay bare the naked truth in a way that words alone could never convey.
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The Brotherhood

Issue: 2013, Volume 46, Issue 2
Subject: Terrorism
Author: Kimball, Charles
Issue Description: For many Americans, the Muslim Brotherhood has become a catch phrase, a convenient category for encapsulating a wide range of images and fears swirling ominously in the post-9/11 world.  On many occasions during Q and A following a public lecture, in media interviews, or in private conversations

with interested non-specialists during the past decade, a surprising array of people have confidently summarized their perspective with a declarative sentence or rhetorical question:  “The Muslim Brotherhood is the problem.” “It is really all about the Muslim Brotherhood, isn’t it?”
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Dimona---(Shhh! It's A Secret.)

Issue: 2013, Volume 46, Issue 3
Subject: Human Rights
Author: Mahoney, John F.
Issue Description: Its name comes from the biblical town, mentioned in Joshua 15:21-22, that was one of the Caananite cities said to be totally annihilated by the Israelites. Today's Dimona, the third largest city in the Negev, knows something about  total annihilation—something even Joshua would have had a hard time imagining.
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