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The Muslim Experience in the US

Issue: 1979, Volume 12, Issue 4
Subject: Islam/Muslims
Author: Haddad, Yvonne
Issue Description: Muslim contact with America occurred quite early. It was revealed at the quin-centennial celebration of Columbus’s birth in 1955 that the explorer’s private library contained a copy of the work of the Arab geographer, al-Idrisi. This book, which describes the East coast discovery of the “new continent” by eight Muslim explorers, is said to have inspired Columbus’s own expedition. Arab involvement in the discovery of America also rested with Columbus’s interpreter, Louis Torres, a Spaniard of Arab descent who had converted to Christianity after the reconquista. This issue goes on to discuss Islamic Centers in the United States, Islam and American blacks, Islamic practice in America, and Islam’s future in America.
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The West Bank and Gaza: The Emerging Political Consensus

Issue: 1979, Volume 12, Issue 5
Subject: Peace Process|West Bank/Gaza
Author: Lesch, Ann
Issue Description: Draws upon the research of Dr. Ann Lesch, who was the Associate Middle East representative in Jerusalem for the American Friends Service Committee from 1974 to 1977.
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The Palestinians

Issue: 1978, Volume 11, Issue 1
Subject: Land and Homes|P.L.O.|Refugees
Author: Sutton, John
Issue Description: Includes: “A People Scattered, Bewildered and Divided,”by James Markham; “Looking at Reality,” by Anthony Lewis; “Palestinians Cling to a Vision of a Homeland,”by John Darnton, and “The P.L.O.Is Palestinians’Only Voice”
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The New Israeli Law: Will It Doom the Christian Mission in the Holy Land?

Issue: 1978, Volume 11, Issue 2
Subject: Christianity|Holy Land
Author: Walz, Humphrey
Issue Description: Presbyterian leader and AMEU director L. Humphrey Walz examines the new Israeli “Anti-Missionary Law”passed by the Israeli Parliament on December 27, 1977. It makes it an offense— punishable by five years in prison or a 50,000-pound fine— to offer material inducement to an Israeli to change his religion. (For those who convert under such circumstances, the penalty is three years imprisonment or a 30,000-pound fine.)
PDFDownload: Archive

The Yemen Arab Republic

Issue: 1978, Volume 11, Issue 3
Subject: Yemen
Author: Klaum, Alan
Issue Description: Alan Klaum, an international consultant on the Middle East and Asia, looks at the history, culture, and politics of Yemen, and the problems it faces.
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The Arab World: A New Economic Order

Issue: 1978, Volume 11, Issue 4
Subject: Business
Author: Ibrahim, Youssef
Issue Description: This survey of the business environment in the Middle East is by Youssef Ibrahim, a business reporter for The New York Times, who has been covering the region since 1973.
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The Sorrow of Lebanon

Issue: 1978, Volume 11, Issue 5
Subject: Lebanon|Refugees|War/Conflict
Author: Ibrahim, Youssef
Issue Description: Issue focuses on the uprooted people of Lebanon and a list of donor organizations that are helping them
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The Carter Administration and the Middle East

Issue: 1977, Volume 10, Issue 1
Subject: Politics
Author: Mezvinski, Norton
Issue Description: A professor of history at Central Connecticut State College offers a scenario for changes in U.S. policy towards the Middle East that are anticipated in the incoming Carter Administration.
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Literary Look at the Middle East

Issue: 1977, Volume 10, Issue 2
Subject: Literature|Media
Author: Marbrook, Djelloul
Issue Description: A comprehensive look at the most current and relevant books and periodicals on the Middle East plus a brief look at films that are available
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Prophecy and Modern Israel

Issue: 1977, Volume 10, Issue 3
Subject: Apocalypse|Evangelical Christians|Jerusalem|Zionism
Author: Keene, Calvin
Issue Description: A critique of the Biblical arguments offered by Christians who believe that the reestablishment of Israel today is part of God’s apocalyptic plan
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