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Arms Buildup in the Middle East

Issue: 1981, Volume 14, Issue 4
Subject: Military|War/Conflict
Author: Orfalea, Greg
Issue Description: The United States in 1980 sold $15.3 billion worth of military equipment abroad, of which 53 percent or $8.1 billion went to the Middle East. Should we be concerned? The distinguished diplomat George Kennan gave his answer recently when he compared us to lemmings racing to the sea. Col. Yoram Hamuzrahi, Chief Officer of the Israeli Defense Forces, gave his answer when he told a group of visiting Americans, “We will not concede an inch to the Arabs, even if it means atomic flames in New York.”Greg Orfalea, editor of the National Association of Arab Americans’political action report, explains why we should be concerned.
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The Disabled in the Arab World

Issue: 1981, Volume 14, Issue 5
Subject: Education|Human Resources
Author: Shabbas, Audrey
Issue Description: The United Nations resolution to designate this year as the International Year for Disabled Persons was first put forth in 1976 by the Libyan Arab Republic out of concern for the world’s estimated 450 million physically and mentally disabled persons, most of whom live in developing countries. Audrey Shabbas looks at the situation of the disabled in the Arab World.
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The Presidential Candidates: How They View the Middle East

Issue: 1980, Volume 13, Issue 1
Subject: Politics
Author: Kellum, Allan
Issue Description: A look at the men who would be president and what they say about the Middle East
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The Arab Stereotype on Television

Issue: 1980, Volume 13, Issue 2
Subject: Media
Author: Shaheen, Jack
Issue Description: Article is based on author’s research for an upcoming book intended to make television producers and executives more aware of the media’s responsibility to reflect a wide range of positive roles for all people.
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American Jews and the Middle East: Fears, Frustration and Hope

Issue: 1980, Volume 13, Issue 3
Subject: Dialogue
Author: Solomonow, Allan
Issue Description: Allan Solomonow was the first Program Director for the Jewish Peace Fellowship, a national interreligious effort to bring together resources and programs to stimulate a national dialogue on peaceful alternatives for resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict, all of which he describes in this issue.
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Issue: 1980, Volume 13, Issue 4
Subject: Kuwait
Author: Klaum, Alan
Issue Description: Examines Kuwait’s history, culture, economy, and political role in the Middle East landscape.
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National Council of Churches Adopts New Statement on the Middle East

Issue: 1980, Volume 13, Issue 5
Subject: Christianity
Author: Rock, Allison; Vogelaar, Jay
Issue Description: When the 266-member governing board of a national organization, representing 32 Christian denominations with more than 40 million members, reaches unanimous agreement on a policy statement pertaining to the Middle East, that statement at once  becomes noteworthy, as this issue points out.
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Palestinian Nationhood

Issue: 1979, Volume 12, Issue 1
Subject: P.L.O.|Peace Process
Author: Mahoney, John F.
Issue Description: Issue includes interview with U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Andrew Young on the need for a new Palestinian policy; an address by John Reddaway, director of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding on “International Recognition of Palestinian Nationhood,”and an article from The Arab Report, “Trauma and Triumph of a Nation in Exile.”
PDFDownload: Archive

The Child in the Arab Family

Issue: 1979, Volume 12, Issue 2
Subject: Children
Author: Shabbas, Audrey
Issue Description: Audrey Shabbas looks at roles in the Arab family: choosing a child’s name; early child care and development; educational patterns; styles of dress; simple toys; nursery rhymes and riddles; Arab songs; children’s games and stories. There is a special section on “Iraq: Pacesetter in Children’s Services.”
PDFDownload: Archive

Jordan Steps Forward

Issue: 1979, Volume 12, Issue 3
Subject: Jordan|West Bank/Gaza
Author: Klaum, Alan
Issue Description: Article examines the: history of Jordan; the West Bank’s annexation; Jordan’s Constitution; political parties; military; educational system; role of women; economic climate; and tourism.
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