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The International Crimes of Israeli Officials

Issue: 1989, Volume 22, Issue 4
Subject: Courts|Land and Homes|War/Conflict
Author: Quigley, John
Issue Description: This issue goes beyond Israel’s human rights violations to the more significant question: Are Israeli officials— specifically Menachem Begin, Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Yitzhak Shamir — guilty of war crimes against the Palestinian people?
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Diary of an American in Occupied Palestine

Issue: 1989, Volume 22, Issue 5
Subject: Human Rights|Intifada
Author: Mary, Diary of
Issue Description: A young American woman in occupied Palestine shares her diary entries from October 24, 1988 to June 17, 1989, during the height of the first intifada.
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The US Press and the Middle East

Issue: 1988, Volume 21, Issue 1
Subject: Media
Author: Kaidy, Mitchell
Issue Description: Mitch Kaidy worked 20 years as a reporter and editor of three daily newspapers and one television channel. He was part of a team of reporters who won a Pulitzer Prize for the Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle. As an Arab American, Mitch is not always pleased with the way our media portrays Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular. Yet, as a newspaper man, he’s not without a few suggestions.
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Dateline: Palestine

Issue: 1988, Volume 21, Issue 2
Subject: Deir Yassin|History|Lebanon|Media|War/Conflict
Author: Weller, George
Issue Description: George Weller is a prize-winning war correspondent whose professional work in the Middle East spans 45 years. Here he recounts events he covered and leaders he interviewed for the Chicago Daily News.
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Zionist Violence Against Palestinians

Issue: 1988, Volume 21, Issue 3
Subject: History|Intifada|Military
Author: Hallaj, Mohammad
Issue Description: Why are Palestinians revolting against the occupation? Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir said it happened when a lone Palestinian from southern Lebanon, using a hang-glider, assaulted an Israeli army post and, single-handedly, killed several Israeli soldiers. He broke the barrier of fear, explained Shamir, adding that all Israel had to do to put down the uprising was to “reestablish the barrier of fear.” To that end, he warned that any Palestinian challenging Israel’s rule “will have his head smashed against the boulders and walls of these fortresses.”His quote prompted this Link issue.
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Israel and South Africa

Issue: 1988, Volume 21, Issue 4
Subject: Human Rights|Military|South Africa
Author: Ashmore, Robert
Issue Description: In this 1988 issue, Ashmore describes in depth the mutual affinity and cooperation between Israel and South Africa, including production of nuclear weapons, the training by Israel of South African white soldiers, and the transfer by Israel to South Africa of U.S. technology for Israel’s Lavi aircraft. The latter issue was raised by Rep. George Crockett of the Congressional Black Caucus with Prime Minister Shamir on March 16, 1988. Crockett described the Lavi deal with South Africa as an "unconscionable” use of U.S. aid. He went on to question the Israeli Prime Minister on “his government’s brutal response to the Palestinian uprising”and asked when “the curfews, the closed military zones, the beatings, the house raids, the gunshots, the rubber bullets, the tear-gassing and mass deportations would end.”
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The Shi'i Muslims of the Arab World

Issue: 1988, Volume 21, Issue 5
Subject: Iran|Islam/Muslims
Author: Norton, Augustus
Issue Description: For most Americans the emergence of Ayatollah Khomeini and the subsequent holding of U.S. hostages in Iran provided the first media exposure to Shi’i Muslims. This issue looks more closely at this religiously and politically important community.
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Archaeology , Politics in Palestine

Issue: 1987, Volume 20, Issue 1
Subject: Archaeology|Holy Land|Jerusalem|Syria
Author: Hoppe, Leslie
Issue Description: In the Holy Land, where praying at a particular shrine can be construed as a political act and where disputes over ownership and control of land are supercharged with religious and nationalistic overtones, archaeologists are beset with problems that challenge the skill of the most tactful diplomat. Leslie Hoppe, author of “What Are They Saying About Biblical Archaeology?", explains.
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England, the US in Palestine

Issue: 1987, Volume 20, Issue 2
Subject: History
Author: Aboushi, W. F.
Issue Description: The recent Tower Commission Report, in analyzing causes of the Iran-Contra debacle, cited the failure by U.S. officials to realize that Israel’s foreign policy goals at times stand in direct opposition to hose of the United States. As this issue points out, it’s a lesson we could have learned from the British.
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Public Opinion and the M.E. Conflict

Issue: 1987, Volume 20, Issue 3
Subject: Media|Spying
Author: Moughrabi, Fouad
Issue Description: Looks at U.S. public opinion in the aftermath of Israel’s 1982 of Lebanon and the Jonathan Pollard espionage case. Some of the findings are unexpected.
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