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My Conversation with Humphrey

Issue: 1990, Volume 23, Issue 2
Subject: Education|History
Author: Law, John
Issue Description: Last time Humphrey visited John Law in the pages of The Link was back in December 1985. That issue proved popular, particularly with teachers. True to his threat, the inquisitive Humphrey has shown up again on John Law’s literary doorstep.
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Protestants and Catholics Show New Support for Palestinians

Issue: 1990, Volume 23, Issue 3
Subject: Holy Land|Theology
Author: Kimball, Charles
Issue Description: In May of this year, Mayor Elias Freij of Bethlehem predicted that the military occupation of his land will continue as long as the U.S. Congress continues to finance Israel’s expansionist policies which, in turn, will continue until the churches in the United States exert their moral influence more vigorously — a prospect he did not anticipate.
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What Happened to Palestine? The Revisionists Revisited

Issue: 1990, Volume 23, Issue 4
Subject: Refugees|War/Conflict
Author: Palumbo, Michael
Issue Description: Michael Palumbo is an American researcher who has spent much of his professional life poring over long classified documents dealing with the immediate post-World War II period. Many of these documents from American, British and United Nations archives deal with the Israeli/Palestinian war of 1948. In this issue Dr. Palumbo invites us to look more critically at what the Israeli revisionists are saying in light of the new facts that they either did not have at their disposal or else opted not to use.
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Arab Defamation in the Media

Issue: 1990, Volume 23, Issue 5
Subject: Media
Author: Kasem, Casey
Issue Description: After Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, hate crimes and threats against Arab-Americans were reported across the United States. “America’s DJ,”Casey Kasem, writes about how anti-Arab stereotypes on television and in movies create a climate for such violence.
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Cocaine, Cutouts: Israel's Unseen Diplomacy

Issue: 1989, Volume 22, Issue 1
Subject: Central America|Military
Author: Hunter, Jane
Issue Description: When a government needs large sums of quick cash for questionable adventures, narcotrafficking offers a lucrative avenue. For this an ally is required, one who has the international networks of contacts and cutouts, i.e., a cover that can provide his or her government with public deniability, should the deal go sour. Israel, according to Jane Hunter, editor of Israeli Foreign Affairs, provides such service to various governments, including the United States.
PDFDownload: Archive

US Aid to Israel

Issue: 1989, Volume 22, Issue 2
Subject: Military|Politics|U.S. Aid
Author: Rabie, Mohamed
Issue Description: Reacting to the U.S. State Department’s 1988 Human Rights Report charging Israel with “a substantial increase in human rights violations,”both chairmen of the Congressional panels that appropriate foreign aid, Rep. David Obey of California and Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, have advised Israel it could no longer count on the billions it receives each year if it continues to shoot at Palestinian demonstrators, deport them, detain them without trial, and blow up their houses. How many billions Israel gets each year is the subject of this issue.
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An Interview with Ellen Nassab

Issue: 1989, Volume 22, Issue 3
Subject: Interviews
Author: Ahmed, Hisham
Issue Description: Ellen Nassab gave this interview to Hisham Ahmed on Feb. 18, 1989. On June 9 she died of cancer. She was a wife, mother, nurse and, as this issue makes so poignantly clear, she was much, much more.
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The International Crimes of Israeli Officials

Issue: 1989, Volume 22, Issue 4
Subject: Courts|Land and Homes|War/Conflict
Author: Quigley, John
Issue Description: This issue goes beyond Israel’s human rights violations to the more significant question: Are Israeli officials— specifically Menachem Begin, Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Yitzhak Shamir — guilty of war crimes against the Palestinian people?
PDFDownload: Archive

Diary of an American in Occupied Palestine

Issue: 1989, Volume 22, Issue 5
Subject: Human Rights|Intifada
Author: Mary, Diary of
Issue Description: A young American woman in occupied Palestine shares her diary entries from October 24, 1988 to June 17, 1989, during the height of the first intifada.
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The US Press and the Middle East

Issue: 1988, Volume 21, Issue 1
Subject: Media
Author: Kaidy, Mitchell
Issue Description: Mitch Kaidy worked 20 years as a reporter and editor of three daily newspapers and one television channel. He was part of a team of reporters who won a Pulitzer Prize for the Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle. As an Arab American, Mitch is not always pleased with the way our media portrays Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular. Yet, as a newspaper man, he’s not without a few suggestions.
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