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Meanwhile in Lebanon

Issue: 1996, Volume 29, Issue 2
Subject: Lebanon|War/Conflict
Author: Irani, George
Issue Description: The target was a school bus. Twenty-five children, returning from school, with flowers. It was Mother’s Day 1994. Had the explosion occurred in Israel, it would have made news. As it was, it happened in South Lebanon. Part of South Lebanon still bleeds under Israel’s military occupation, while 450,000 refugees in Lebanon, most of them clustered in 12 camps, struggle not to despair. As the world focuses on Gaza and the West Bank, Lebanon, its seems, has been forgotten.
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Palestinians and Their Days in Court: Unequal Before the Law

Issue: 1996, Volume 29, Issue 3
Subject: Civil Rights|Courts|Human Rights|Land and Homes
Author: Brayer, Linda
Issue Description: Linda Brayer was born in South Africa to a Jewish family. Her parents were from Palestine and her grandfather was one of the founders of the first Jewish modern settlement, Petah Tikvah. She went to Israel on “aliya”in 1965. After obtaining her liberal arts degree (cum laude) from the Hebrew University, she continued on for her law degree and entered private practice in 1986. The following year the first intifada broke out. “My world was shattered,”she writes. “I found myself facing the void of
the lie of Zionism.”
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Deir Yassin Remembered

Issue: 1996, Volume 29, Issue 4
Subject: Deir Yassin|History|Land and Homes
Author: McGowan, Dan
Issue Description: For McGowan, a professor of economics, it was a matter of parity: If his college was going to pull its investments out of South Africa because of its apartheid, why not pull them out of Israel for the same reason? The question led him to Deir Yassin.
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Slouching Toward Bethlehem 2000

Issue: 1996, Volume 29, Issue 5
Subject: Bethlehem|Holy Land
Author: Bailey, Betty and Martin
Issue Description: Ever been to the Holy Land? Ever think of going? Chances are you’ll get on a tourist bus, get off at Manger Square, see the traditional site of Jesus’birth, buy a few souvenirs, whisked back on the bus, and move on to the next holy place. In this issue, the authors suggest that, while you may see the site of Jesus’birth, but you have not walked in the footsteps of Jesus.
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In the Land of Christ Christianity Is Dying

Issue: 1995, Volume 28, Issue 1
Subject: Christianity|Holy Land|Jerusalem|Land and Homes
Author: Halsell, Grace
Issue Description: In this Link, Halsell explains the reasons for the precipitous decline in the proportion of Christians— the “Living Stones”— in the land of their origin. She also comments on how Christian visitors to the Holy Land are systematically routed around their co-religionists. As one of 630 Christians who flew to Israel in 1983 on a Holy Land tour sponsored by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Halsell observed that during her tour by bus, not one Christian guide was provided, nor was time allocated to meet Christian Palestinians or attend a Christian services. She writes: ”On the day we approached Nazareth, where Jesus grew up and had his ministry, our guide said, ‘There is Nazareth.’He added we would not stop. ‘No time,’he said. Minutes later, he changed his mind, announcing: ‘We will stop in Nazareth. To use the toilet facilities.’Thus, the only site the Christians saw in all of Nazareth were the toilets.
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A Survivor for Whom Never Again Means Never Again [An Interview with Israel Shahak]

Issue: 1995, Volume 28, Issue 2
Subject: Holocaust|Interviews
Author: Dow, Mark
Issue Description: Israel Shahak is a Nazi concentration camp survivor, a renowned chemist, and Israeli citizen. He has been called a prophet, a Renaissance man, and a self-hating Jew. However, he’d rather be known for his thoughts on democracy, fascism, ethnicity and human rights — which is what he focuses on in this issue.
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Jerusalem's Final Status

Issue: 1995, Volume 28, Issue 3
Subject: History|Jerusalem
Author: Dumper, Michael
Issue Description: Since its military take-over of East Jerusalem in 1967, Israel has confiscated over 18,000 acres of Palestinian land. On it the Jewish State has built 38,500 housing units, all of which are exclusively for Jews. Prior to 1967, when the Holy City was divided, West Jerusalem was 100 percent Jewish while East Jerusalem was 100 percent Arab. Today West Jerusalem is still 100 percent Jewish while East Jerusalem is 48 percent Arab. Israel's plan to judaicize the Holy City is working. Dr. Dumper concludes that there will be little to negotiate if Israel continues in this fashion.
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Teaching About the Middle East

Issue: 1995, Volume 28, Issue 4
Subject: Education
Author: Barlow, Elizabeth
Issue Description: Teachers, libraries and students comprise about 25 percent of our readership. The Link is also listed in various educational directories that offer teachers free and inexpensive curricular materials. And teachers do write to us. What we never could send them — because, as far as we know, none existed — was a concise up-to-date survey of the best resources available for teaching about the culture, history, and current events in the Middle East. Now we can, thanks to Elizabeth Barlow.
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Epiphany at Beit Jala

Issue: 1995, Volume 28, Issue 5
Subject: Human Rights|Media
Author: Neff, Donald
Issue Description: Donald Neff served as Time magazine’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief from 1975-78. He had never worked in the Middle East before going to Israel in 1975. “My attitude toward the region [at that time] reflected pretty much the pro-Israel biases of the media and of Americans in general, unleavened by history or sophistication about Zionism,”he writes in this issue. What he saw of the Israeli occupation began to change his attitude. His epiphany came at a two-story Palestinian middle school in Beit Jala in 1978.
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Will '94 Be '49 All Over Again?

Issue: 1994, Volume 27, Issue 1
Subject: History|Zionism
Author: Berger, Elmer
Issue Description: This was Dr. Berger’s last major writing before his death. For 26 years he served as president of American Jewish Alternatives to Zionism (AJAZ), and for over 50 years he lectured and wrote on Judaism and Jewish nationalism as a rabbi of American Reform Judaism. In this issue Dr. Berger lists three “problems”that must be faced before any meaningful peace will come to Palestinians and Israelis: the biblical account of the Hebrew/Israelitist tribes; the Balfour Declaration; and the 1948-49 Armistice.
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