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Israel’s Weaponization of Time

Author: Omar Aziz
December 2021
Volume 54 , Issue 5
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About This Issue

Dear Reader,
The first time I sat down with John Mahoney since breaking bread with him decades earlier in the Interchurch Building, a.k.a the “God Box,” he told me the next issue of The Link was already sorted out. A week earlier, he and the Board had invited me to become AMEU’s fourth Executive Director, and so, for the first time in my 30-plus years as an avid Link subscriber and reader, I was being offered a rare sneak preview around the corner and into tomorrow’s front page.

Omar Aziz’s feature article “The Weaponization of Time” hones the argument he has recently made elsewhere, and reminded me of the confident grit that I have for so long admired about The Link, and the invisible hand that has so consistently and deftly guided its course. Chronicling the “permanent precarity” wrought by Occupation — the deaths from vaccinations withheld; the literally ticking timebombs of unexploded ordinance in Gaza; the caprice of collective punishment; the whiplash of the Israeli judicial system — the author shines a light through the curtain of Occupation, and lays bare the systematic theft of Palestinian agency. I feel grateful to be introducing many of our readers to the powerful young voice of Omar Aziz.  Omar is Associate Director at Palestine Deep Dive (www.palestinedeepdive.com), an invaluable online resource on Israel Palestine since 2019.

As I settle in at AMEU’s office — still nestled uptown in the God Box — I look forward to getting to know you, the Reader, and strengthening our reach into the American conversation. I am grateful to John Mahoney for his unstinting commitment to an issue that remains at the center of the American promise, no less precarious now than it was when AMEU was founded over half a century ago. The difference now, insha’allah, is the youth are listening, and hearing, reading, and speaking. 

AMEU is committed to amplifying those voices, and is grateful for your support.
Nicholas Griffin
Executive Director

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