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The Immorality Of It All

Author: Daniel C. Maguire
December 2014
Volume 47 , Issue 5
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About This Issue

Daniel Maguire, our feature writer, is professor of religious ethics at Marquette University, where he specializes on issues of social justice and medical and ecological ethics. He is the author of 11 books, including “The Horrors We Bless: Rethinking the Just-War Legacy” and “The Moral Core of Judaism and Christianity.”
  • Muhammed Omer is a Palestinian journalist based in Gaza, whose op. ed. piece “Gaza Under Israel’s Onslaught” appeared in The New York Times of July 22, of this year. 
  • Mads Gilbert  is a doctor from Norway who authored our December 2012 Link “When War Criminals Walk Free” about his work in Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital during Israel’s winter 2008-9 invasion; he was back in Gaza again for Israel’s summer 2014 assault. 
  • Max Blumenthal is an award-winning American journalist whose latest book “Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel” is an unflinching account of the facts on the ground in Israel and Occupied Palestine. 

All three of the above were among 14 witnesses who appeared before the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Brussels, on September 25, 2014, to assess Israel’s recent actions in Gaza.  Excerpts from the Tribunal’s summary of findings are on page 15. The full summary is on our website:

Bertrand Russell, the philosopher and Nobel Prize laureate who organized the Tribunal in 1966, did so with the aim that “this tribunal may prevent the crime of silence.”  Our hope is that this issue does just that.

--John F. Mahoney, Executive Director

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