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Between Two Blue Lines

Author: Tom Hayes
November-December 2015
Volume 48 , Issue 5
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About This Issue

Tom Hayes is a documentary filmmaker at Ohio University.

  His filmography includes:
 * Refugee Road, 1981, on Cambodian refugees.
 * Native Sons, 1985,  on  Palestinians in  exile.
  *People and the Land, 1997 on Palestinians under occupation.
  *Two Blue Lines, 2015, a return to Palestine (purchase video)
In 1997, Tom authored our Nov.-Dec. Link article “People and The Land,” a behind-the-scenes look at his documentary by the same name.  That issue turned out to be one of our most requested; more significantly, his DVD People and the Land has  easily been our best selling video.
In 2014, Tom and his film crew returned to Palestine. The documentary that survived his cutting room floor was not the one he expected.  How his latest documentary, Two Blue Lines, came to be is the subject of this issue.
Early responses to Two Blue Lines are posted on page 13 of the PDF. AMEU readers can purchase Tom’s video at a special discount price by going to page 15 of the PDF.

--John F. Mahoney, Executive Director

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